• Soo Woods

The Need To Be Loved

We are all born with the need to be loved. It is an integral part of being human. But how many of us have experiences when we are little where that need is not met? For most of us, there are quite probably more innocent moments where this occurs than intended ones. Those moments when the primary carer couldn’t immediately attend us for good reason. Those moments when our primary carer was doing the best that they knew at that point in time!

When the need to be loved is not met, we turn to shame for survival. This becomes thoughts or beliefs that there is something wrong with us, that we are not loveable.

When we are able to view ourselves with compassion and love, and understand that we did nothing wrong in those moments, we may be able to shed a part or whole of this cloak of shame.

Unearthing beliefs such as these and releasing and healing them, helps us reabsorb that part of us that we abandoned so long ago. This is a critical component on our path to find self-love, self-acceptance and to become the person we were always destined to be..

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