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Balance ~ the ultimate goal

BALANCE means different things to each of us. Some talk about a healthy work | life balance. Others believe that balance comes from being at peace in your body, mind and soul. While to some, their poise on a horse or gymnastics beam will be it. Whatever Balance means to you, it is probable that you are tipped off balance at times.

Being out of balance can result in you suffering physical problems, emotional distress or extreme moods, or it might just make you feel like nothing is going right for you. It’s part of the human experience to meet imbalance through life, and to constantly strive for better balance in things, but that doesn’t change or lessen the effect your shit has on you.

Any imbalance in our life shows up in some form, whether it be physically, mentally, energetically or spiritually. Some of us are more aware of the subtleties of imbalance than others and the manner in which imbalances may show up for you are limitless.

I was inspired to talk about ‘Balance’ by the rock in the picture above. It was positioned like this in a paddock and was standing in perfect balance … until knocked over by an unknowing dog. When I then picked it up and took a closer look, I was intrigued as to how it had found balance given how irregular and rugged all its edges were. It really made me reflect on how hard balance can be to find at times, but also that

balance can be found in seemingly impossible circumstances.

So I guess the big question to ask is how do we find our way back to balance when we need to. I’m a big believer in a holistic approach and also for following what your intuition tells you is right in any situation. There are things you can do yourself such as breathwork, meditation, eat healthy food, exercise, pray, and there are many people available to support you in a myriad of ways such as acupuncture, massage, energy healing, nutrition, yoga, medicine, coaching etc.

In a survey I did on emotional distress in 2021, many women identified that when they feel out of balance, they get stressed and notice that the tiniest things feel too much. They know they have no patience for family or pets. And they also know how tricky it can be to navigate work life balance and create a happy home, to be a creative Mum, a good wife and friend. They know “there has to be a better balance,” with ‘better’ including being happy and confident, more grounded, relaxed, energetic … and having time for important loved ones as well as the self.

When our head is pounding, our mind spinning or we are just plain short tempered and irritated by those around us we may know the cause of our imbalance. It might be that we are exhausted from consecutive bad nights with the kids. It might be that we are so time poor we feel we are getting further and further behind. It is also possible that while we know we’re not in balance, we’re not exactly sure why.

Spending a few minutes reflecting on and reviewing each area of your life can help. There are many ‘wheels of life’ available in Google, but here’s one for starters.

Without dwelling on it for too long, identify where you are in each area. (DOWNLOAD a copy). Circle the number you think applies and then join the circles between the different categories (here’s one I did today as an example - looks like travel and vacations are suffering a bit at the present time!) Which areas of life might YOU want to consider putting some thought or effort into changing?

Once you have a better idea of WHY the imbalance, ask yourself what the cost is to you if you make no changes. On the flip side, how might your life improve if you take steps (even teeny ones) to promote change? You are the only person who can make the choice to take action, and you are far more likely to be effective if you call the shots than if someone who cares about you pulls or pushes you into something.

I help women seeking change find authenticity, inner strength, calm and peace through healing the underlying causes of their emotional distress and traumas.

In other words, I help find the imbalances that show up energetically, emotionally, physically and support the healing and shifting of them. If you are ready to break the patterns you have been stuck in and move forward then I'd love to hear from you (click here to make a booking) or see Contact details below.

If you have a friend who might benefit from reading this then please share with them.

If you feel drawn to sharing anything you find helpful in finding balance in your own life, please comment below.

Happy Re-Balancing :)

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