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Packages ~ In person & Online via Zoom

We are all unique, shaped by our individual life experiences. This includes our relationships, past and present environments and potentially those of our ancestors too. Your therapy sessions will be therefore be tailored to your very own unique needs. 

In order for your therapy sessions to be effective, you need to be ready to commit to the journey. You need to have that burning desire to find change. It is perfectly natural to also feel a little nervous and uncertain of where the path will take us. You will need to turn up to sessions, to fully engage with the process and allow me to build the rapport and trust necessary between us.

Unfortunately, at the current time Medicare does not offer rebates for Counselling Services, nor is Counselling included under the Government Mental Health scheme. 


* Packages to be paid in full before commencement
* Weekly sessions recommended, but open to discussion


HEALING WITH HORSES  : $1,320 inclusive of GST
* 6 x 50min sessions with the herd at Eureka Horse Wisdom (In person)
* experience a profound, regenerative state of physical relaxation, healing and clearing; immersion in the sounds of nature and healing energies
* feel grounded, lighter, peaceful and calm
* sessions will be a combination of Equine Reiki (with 12 Equine Reiki Masters) and Embodied Equine Therapy
* photos of the experiences

THE BODY KNOWS : $1,720 inclusive of GST
* 12 x 50min weekly (recommended) sessions (In person or ZOOM)
* Fully understand there has never been anything 'wrong' 
with you
* Create permanent, positive change and discover the power of self-love
* Find and release what's been holding you back with a 'bottom up' (ie somatic) approach; clear deep energetic blocks
* Let go of stressed, anxious, depressed states. Become more resilient.
* Address addiction(s), repetitive patterns, stressors.

FINDING YOU : $3,120 inclusive of GST
* 12 x 1hr 50min weekly (recommended) sessions (In person or ZOOM)
* Clear baggage from the past, learn how to be truly present and the power of self-love
* Fully understand you are not your emotional state; feel empowered, notice increased self-esteem and self-confidence
* Notice improved relationships, emotional state, resilience
* Cope with life's challenges without feelings of complete overwhelm and despair and return to balance with relative ease
* Feel lighter, more energetic, positive and vibrant. Learn to love your life!