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SOO WOODS is a compassionate, nature loving empath with a strongly developed intuition. I am trauma informed and certified in many alternative and energy based therapies. I'm a registered Counsellor and certified Mental Health service provider and I also offer Equine Reiki and Equine Therapy with my herd of horses in NSW Southern Highlands.

I support WOMEN in finding and healing the source of their emotional distress. It's time to not just talk about your issues but to heal them on a deeper level where real, long-term change is possible. I've experienced my own traumas and DO understand what it feels like to be alone, confused, misunderstood and living on the edge. 

Through working with modalities that help us access the wisdom of the body and unconscious mind, it is possible to heal and feel empowered to step into a new life. Anxiety, depression, bipolar, PTSD, eating disorders, trauma, addiction, low self-esteem, stress and so much more can become a thing of the past. And the best part ... this can be achieved in weeks/months not years.

Sessions are available in person or via Zoom 

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