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Do you ..

  • ... experience emotional distress, feel unhappy with your life and wish to change your reality for the better?

  • ... suffer anxiety and/or depression? Have you been labelled with PTSD, Bi-polar or other mental health descriptions.

  • ... suffer from overwhelming feelings of grief and loss?

  • ... experience effects of childhood or other trauma that prevent you from moving forward?

  • ... want freedom from that controlling addiction, eating disorder etc?

  • ... need support through a messy time of your life and want help finding your way forward?

  • ... feel directionless? Trapped in repetitive cycles of negative self talk or unhelpful behaviours?

Life doesn't have to be this way!

It's time to start your journey and explore CHANGE!


Soo Woods - healer, therapist and counsellor - helps others heal and transform. She supports people find the source of their problems and helps heal painful emotions and traumas by working with the emotional, physical, spiritual and mental bodies, rather than just treating symptoms. 


You CAN transform how you show up in the world, work through mental health concerns, quiet those negative voices in your head and free yourself from anxiety, depression and addiction. For this to happen, you need to invest in yourself and be prepared to commit the time and energy required.

As an intuitive empath, Soo is able to support people with compassion, to hold space as required, be silent at appropriate times and remain available for a client. She is naturally interested in hearing your story and excellent at understanding where you are at. Soo is here to walk beside you on your journey, as you make life altering decisions and peel back the layers to reveal your true self. 


About Soo

B.Sc., Dip. Couns. M.A.C.A., RC.t EPP

My own life journey has both challenged and intrigued me. For a long time I have helped others - both humans and horses. I am deeply grateful for the wisdom and tools I have learned through my own experiences and which I now use to support others, helping them find a peace filled life.

I am passionate about helping women in particular unveil the underlying cause to their symptoms / emotional distress, compassionately helping them heal it and thus transform to become their authentic selves. I can relate empathically, and from experience, on a wide variety of topics including (but not limited to): divorce, grief and loss, eating disorders, single parenting, business ownership, addiction, suicidal ideation and spirituality.


I believe our past traumas affect our future, and that by working on aspects of our past we can enhance our future and thus become our authentic selves and live our dreams.


I’m a country girl by heart and live with my herd of horses, dogs and cat in country NSW, Australia. I love honesty, authenticity, nature, myself and so much more! I love spending time with my animals, in my garden, painting, reading and catching up with close friends.

I'm certified in many alternate and energy related therapies, am a qualified counsellor and experienced horsewoman. My well developed intuition is involved in my work. I am trauma informed and trained, and relentless in my drive to learn, grow and improve both myself and my offering to others.


I am professional, experienced, insured, working with children and police checked, My aim is to facilitate healing and growth in an effective and timely manner for all individuals. To learn how others have been helped, read the Testimonials and/or Facebook Reviews.

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